Android Java/Kotlin Coder


I'm a Software Developer currently living in Liverpool, UK, making apps for Pixelbeard. Generally I code in the day, then do some training in the evenings with Capoeira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Climbing, or other exercise in the park/my living room.

What's my experience?

I started out with native Android/Java development while I was still in University and have worked in small startups/studios since then. I've worked on apps for various clients, and have switched languages/frameworks a few times depending on my roles in any given company. So far I have work as (in order):

What's this blog about?

This is just a place for me to put my thoughts, experiences, any code I want to share or anything I build which I think may be helpful to other people. This could be in code, exercise, or other aspects of my life.